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Inspirational Messages in Poetry


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robert s breaux
02:37:20 6/17/2005
Thank you for presenting such a marvelous collection of Inspirational Gifts. May you be Blessed as you are a Blessing to others.

robert s breaux (from) louisiana, USA

george vliet
09:01:54 6/14/2005
I'm taking the time to read your poems. I enjoy them, they give me an up lift in my heart and it gives me a closer walk with the Lord.

george vliet (from) columbia South Carolian, USA

Marge Tucker
10:57:39 6/12/2005
I am always looking for biblical inspiration to share with my church or even co-workers. I would like permission to use your page always informing all where I received the inspiration from!

Marge Tucker (from) Kansas City, Mo., United States

Linda Shoemaker
00:04:35 6/08/2005
I would like to use some of your writing to put in my church bulletins that I am in charge over.

Linda Shoemaker (from) Morton Mississippi, USA

20:24:14 6/03/2005
I love each poem I read. I was going though some bad times and through your poems I was encouraged.

Abigail (from) Apollo, USA

Patricia Padron
15:56:05 6/03/2005
To describe the spiritual inspiration I felt, to tell you the truth it's indescribable. You just know God's here in this place.

Patricia Padron (from) Jacksonville Tx, United States

Trish Harleston
21:32:42 6/02/2005
This is a wonderfully inspiring site. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Trish Harleston (from) North Carolina, USA

09:05:22 6/01/2005
This is the most beautiful website I have come across for inspirational poems. They are all very meaningful, and there is surely something for everyone here.
God Bless you for producing such fantastic work.

Lilian (from) United Kingdom, England

16:50:48 5/25/2005
i love this site

Jonathan (from) Gainsville, Ga., united states

Kim Coley
23:30:22 5/23/2005
I just happened upon your website, so I thought. The poems are beautiful, the Lord has really blessed you with such a wonderful and uplifting ministry. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful poems. Thank you for emailing me and answering my questions. May God Bless you!
Sister in the Lord
Kim Coley

Kim Coley (from) South Carolina, USA

Elias Mwangi Mburu
08:57:41 5/19/2005
Poetry blesses me alot, it makes me feel refreshed and opens my mind to new ideas and revelation, may the Lord bless you for the good work.

Elias Mwangi Mburu (from) Nairobi, Kenya
elias_mburu@yahoo.com, eliasmm@wananchi.com

Joanne Lowe
06:46:20 5/16/2005
May God richly bless you and your ministry. Always remember Jesus Loves you very much.

In His Service,

Joanne Lowe (from) Pensacola, FL , United States

00:31:11 5/16/2005
it's an interesting solution

Pelsh (from) Durango, Colorado, USA

Isabel Hamabuyu
02:39:18 5/13/2005
I wish to thank God for blessing you with such inspiring poems. For the past two days since I came across your website I have been reading the poems. They are such a blessing. I feel lifted high in spirit.

Once again God bless you.


Isabel Hamabuyu (from) Lusaka, Zambia

12:46:15 5/11/2005
i had a project to do for school so as i
browsed the web searching for poems for
my project, i went on yahoo search poems,
and i clicked on inspirational poems and
there it was . so much beautiful poems to
light up everyone's heart. I had a little game
within myself trying to pick my favorite
poems and no lie , it just became even
harder as i flipped through every page of
your work. it's almost another way i feel that
God chose, for the word to be ministered out
to the world. thanks for the wonderful words
you put together . and keep it coming.

kerlande (from) pembroke pines, florida, u.s

benjamin delp
12:38:13 5/11/2005
i was looking for prayer of comfort for me because of my losing loved ones.

benjamin delp (from) dillsburg, usa

brad glenn
12:36:27 5/11/2005

brad glenn (from) carlisle, usa

vern hyndaman
12:35:04 5/11/2005
great web sight

vern hyndaman (from) carlisle, usa

deb delp
12:32:30 5/11/2005
i lost a loved one and i need inspiration

deb delp (from) carlisle, usa

Jun Barcena
10:21:12 5/11/2005

Jun Barcena (from) japan, philippines